We at Merton Community Transport (MCT) are well aware of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic, and realise that staff, customers and visitors to our premises may have concerns surrounding it. In light of this, in line with Government, Public Health England, The NHS, Ellis Whittam (MCT’s Employment Law/HR/Health & Safety advisors) and London Borough of Merton advice and guidance have implemented procedures to ensure everyone is COVID-19 aware, COVID-19 safe, and to minimise the risks of anyone catching the virus: passengers, staff or visitors.

Steps we have taken:
• Staff displaying any symptoms of the virus should not come into work, but should follow UK Government testing/isolation guidelines
• All staff and visitors to the depot must use the provided hand sanitiser before entering
• On arrival, all visitors to the depot are requested to sign in, giving their name, phone number and e-mail address
• Everyone should make every reasonable effort to comply with the social distancing guidelines set out by the government, keeping 2m apart wherever possible
• New in/out routes for the depot have been introduced
• Reminder signs have been put up around the depot re: handwashing, sanitising and social distancing etc.
• Daily cleaning of the offices, toilets and communal areas with antiseptic/antibacterial cleaners
• Supplies of hand sanitising gel and antibacterial wipes are readily available in all areas of the depot
• All vehicles are cleaned using antibacterial cleaners before and after each run and logged in the notebooks provided
• Any areas passengers may touch are sanitised including door handles (inside and out), driving controls (steering wheel, gear knob, etc.), handrails, headrests, seat grab rails, seat backs and seatbelts
• Every attempt is made to keep same driver/passenger assistant together in the same vehicles each day/each run
• Drivers and passenger assistants must wash their hands at the start and end of each run, and use the sanitiser provided in each vehicle regularly throughout the run
• Drivers and passenger assistants must ensure they use the disposable gloves provided when assisting passengers with additional mobility support needs or vulnerable passengers, e.g. if driver/passenger assistant is required to push or secure a wheelchair
• Upon arrival, if a passenger is showing any signs or symptoms of the virus (high temperature, coughing, wheezing, etc.) staff will politely refuse to transport that individual and report to the office who, in turn, will contact the school/college/centre/family/LA as appropriate
• All passengers over 11 years old are asked to wear masks whilst travelling unless they are exempt. NO MASK – NO TRIP
• All passengers are asked to use hand sanitiser before boarding the vehicle
• Every vehicle is equipped with hand sanitiser, antibacterial wipes/spray, disposable gloves, disposable face masks, tissues and disposable bags. All staff must wear PPE whilst transporting passengers. Used PPE must be disposed of in the bags (double bagged) provided after each transport. On return to the depot the double bagged PPE must be removed from the vehicles and placed in the bin labelled “COVID WASTE ONLY” located at the depot. Covid waste is kept for 72 hours before disposal in the general waste
• Where possible, only one passenger will be scheduled to a vehicle at any one time. Where this is not possible, a minimum distance will be maintained between passengers by the removal of seats or observing the signs on the seats that cannot be used. No passengers to sit in the two seats closest to the driver
• All staff have been briefed regarding the risk of airborne and contact transmission, and the control measures we have in place to prevent this
• Going forward, Covid awareness and prevention will be included in staff induction