Group Transport


All groups wishing to use our services must first affiliate to MCT, these prices are inclusive of VAT, please see below:

Fee rates Before VAT VAT@20% Including VAT
Happy shoppers £10.00 per year  £2.00  £12
Personalised Transport
Service (PTS)
£10.00 per year  £2.00  £12
Excursion club £10.00 per year  £2.00  £12




Please see below our price charges for booking.

You can visit our website page; booking estimator to generate a booking quote.

Vehicle Charge £37.00
Mileage Charge £1.25 per mile
Mileage Charge over 70 miles per day £0.90 per mile after 70 miles
Driver £15.00
Driver (statutory organisation) £17.00



Either complete the booking form or phone us on 020 8648 1001 giving as much notice as possible. We will need to know how many passengers, whether any are in wheelchairs, and if they can transfer to a normal seat, if you wish us to supply a driver or not, and the times for pick up and collection as well as their postcodes.


For further information please call MCT Offices on 020 8648 1001 or e-mail: