Personalised Transport Service (PTS)

PTS is a high quality transport service for the individual with a focus on excellent customer service. The vehicles used are wheelchair accessible MPV’s and can carry passengers, their friends and carers, escorts and others as required. MCT’s customer friendly drivers all have relevant MiDAS training required to deliver a highly skilled personalised professional service to people with mobility issues on each and every journey.

PTS has been designed around the personalisation agenda, meeting the individual needs of clients and of service providers, recognising that high quality individually focused services are at the heart of what MCT provide.

PTS provides the opportunity to always deliver what the customer needs.

With PTS we aim to tailor the service to fit the client at a cost that reflects the journey requirement.

We provide an alternative to what is already in the transport marketplace. We believe that PTS is the solution to many transport needs and that once you have experienced this service you will use PTS again, as well as MCT’s other popular and well established services.



All customers will need to affiliate at a yearly cost of £12.00 (VAT inclusive).

We have 2 MPV’s which are available for individuals who meet the necessary criteria
to hire under PTS. A MCT driver is required, charges are:

  • Mileage (per mile) £1.00
  • Driver (per hour) £14.00 (After the 1 st hour, per 15 minutes)
  • Escort/Passenger Assistant £14.00 (depending on client requirements)

Please note that both mileage and driver’s hours will be calculated from MCT’s base to client home, place of visit and back to MCT’s base.Furthermore, please be advised that VAT charge is applicable on the Personal Transport Service.

The cost of all journeys will be advised prior to the booking being made.

An invoice will be generated and fees are expected to be paid within the allocated timeline.

For further information please call MCT Offices on: 020 8648 1001 or e-mail: